About Us - (Spoiler Alert)

With Great Product Comes Great Responsibility

We are specialists in top geek toy brands including Hot Toys, NECA, Mcfarlane and Mezco. We hold a wide range products in stock including action figures, board games, model kits, die cast cars, prop replicas, t-shirts, statues and collectibles.

We offer Free UK Delivery and a Mint Condition Guarantee to ensure that you receive the best possible product in the best possible condition.

Welcome to Geek Effect™

Birmingham Comic Con 2017

Geek Effect at Birmingham Comic Con 2017

Geek Effect Office

Our Office - Always Makes Us Smile In The Morning

Birmingham Comic Con 2016

Birmingham Comic Con 2016

We Love What You Love

We lovingly pack every order in bubble wrap to arrive in perfect mint condition and we believe in a free delivery service, that is why every item is sent via Free UK Delivery, regardless of size or weight.

We take pride in our customer service and will always answer your e-mails and return your calls within 24hrs.

Based in Birmingham, UK we supply all kinds of items from gifts to super high end expensive stuff.

We sometimes like to do a Comic Con or 2 during the year, we have a lot of fun setting up the stand and showing off our range of products.

We Are Human

Blah blah blah enough company jargon jibber jabber. We like you are human and this is our personal story.

Once upon a time in this Galaxy were 2 people who like you loved geek culture, movies, TV and anything in blue capes that could fly.

They had this dream of opening these amazing high street stores where similar people could come and drink coffee, play board games and look at really cool figures and maybe if they felt like it they might buy something.

But first they realised they couldn't just open a big massive high street store because it cost a fortune and they both had jobs that took up most of their time.

One day over a board game session it started... "we just gotta do it man", imagine if Arnold did not get to the chopper, imagine if Bruce Wayne wasn't afraid of bats.

So they started on the journey of creating GeekEffect.co.uk and one day, maybe in the not so distant future you can call into our store, grab a coffee and play some board games with us.

Hope to see you soon. Live long and prosper.

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