Producing impactful figures of some of your favourite characters in 1:10 and 1:7 scale, Japanese company, Kotobukiya, offers collectors and fans a great range of hand-painted figurines and statues at prices that make collecting almost inevitable… consider yourselves warned!

Kotobukiya have two main lines, both made largely from PVC or ABS plastic: ArtFX and ArtFX+. The main difference being that ArtFX statues are usually bigger (typically 1:6 or 1:7 scale) while ArtFX+ statues are mostly kept to 1:10. These statues are very popular and it’s not uncommon for iconic characters to sell out pretty quickly. Read our in depth guide on collecting Kotobukiya including a look at their history and range of products.

They also produce a range of larger, more detailed pieces under the title of ‘Fine Art’. These Fine Art pieces are usually 1:6 scale, are either made from Polystone or resin as opposed to PVC and sometimes include an alternate head or arms to change poses.

Among the more typical statues produced by Kotobukiya, you will also find a few quirkier items, including classic lightsabre and katana chopsticks, Star Wars cake moulds and the highly stylised, all girl Bishoujo statues, based around classic characters from movies and computer games.

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